Barfly Buzz Print Collateral

The goal of any shindig is to get a proper buzzzzzzzzzzzz on, right? But first you need to be invited to the gathering. Being ones who know how to get our party on, we felt right in our umber element when asked to design a fun, engaging, yet warm invite system that would repeat several times over the course of a year in order to build up hype for an upcoming bar.

While developing the system we wanted to make sure we conveyed key elements of the project's personality. First, since the announcements were to build hype around this future watering hole, it seemed most appropriate that the invites were printed on heavy coaster material to immediately establish what the venture was to be. Next, the name had to hint what the business was, yet convey anticipation. Bar Fly Buzz was served up in a frothy mug. Then the design itself needed to be both captivating yet informative. It was decided that letterpress printing was the best method for it's memorable, engaging and humanistic element—just like a good bartender! Finally, the copy needed to be entertaining and conversational—key elements of a bar that keep people coming back for more.

There was one logistical problem that needed to be solved within the design up front. The number of events to be held were known but not the when. So in order to print them all up front, color was used to distinguish the different occasions and a year calendar system was incorporated as part of the design. When the time came to send out the invites, the month and day were simply marked, adding another human touch to the invites. To further flesh out the system and entice people, a custom envelope, complimentary matching coaster and limited edition, hand-carved linocut letterpressed poster were included—unique to each bash.

Now, can you tell us that you can resist the buzz?