The perfect team —

With our powers combined...


Styk [ Mike Styskal ]

chief visual ops director / PRINCIPAL

It has been said that Styk is a true rock star, if not from his Sid Vicious attitude (rebel!), then at least by taking a look at his hair and pronouncing the one syllable alias. It says it all. Rock Star. It all started with his first gig, Burning Bush, where there wasn’t a stunt stupid enough his studio would say no to, especially if it involved gluing gorilla fur to a plywood stage—and setting it on fire during the show! When Styk was done selling millions of products with Burning Bush, where he worked with labels such as Capitol Records, Rhino Records and Geffen Records and upped (or is that diminished?) the reputation of places such as Comedy Central, Nintendo and Saturday Night Live, he was lured into the ultra-glamorous life of debauchery and excessiveness as the main creative force behind Ride Snowboards. He remained there for a decade+ stint of image making, brand awareness, product development and outright scandal. After taking one too many trips to the slammer in the name of “Ride-pride” (what a hero!), he decided it was time to begin a new era. The trend now continues as he fronts DoE as our fearless & unstoppable leader. Rock on Styk!



Jynn Hintz-Romano

visual ops director / PRINCIPAL

Sporting a shock of fuchsia colored hair, Jynn began her illustrious career as the gallery manager of the subculture art gallery La Luz de Jesus in West LA in the early 90's. Breathing all that unconventional & counter culture art had to offer long before there was Juxtapoz magazine, she devoted her life to absorbing and moving the creative forces around her. Then the Northridge quake rattled out a 6.7 and thrust her into the air where she plunked down in Seattle. There she turned her artistic eye and knack for being a style-maker into her next career (all while sporting orange hair) of dressing storefronts and mannequins—both alive and plastic—for several years. But even that expressive calling did not satisfy all areas of her talents. It wasn’t until she devoted extensive years to the study of design—and became a fiery redhead— that she finally found her calling as a designer. Regardless, it seems this extensive, colorful and eclectic background has converged in some sassy-fresh thinking, serious pixel magic and management capabilities that keeps projects hitting the mark. Oh, and never let it be said that this lady blends in.