Custom Letterpress Work

The nature and process of letterpress lends itself to custom items. Each piece truly is one of a kind. With each imprint as it's banged onto the pliable surface, the ink absorbs into the paper with it's own unique movement as it changes consistency with each hit. The obscene pressure leaves an indent that is almost indecently erotic as you caress your finger across the papers' textured surface. The scent of the ink on cotton fibers assaulting your senses in a head-spinning intoxicating way. The seductive finger beckoning allure of it's beauty & charm so all-encompassing that you hesitate to put her down, give her back or ever forget her.

There is no disputing the power of the hand-done characteristics that carry the weight of both substance and art. Where the hardness of the lead, wood and polymer give way to the softness of paper, ink and affection. Where modern clashes in a steamy embrace with nostalgia.

Yes, it is this tactile, sexy appeal of letterpress and her perchance of uniqueness that makes it an appealing vehicle to realize the full potential of a project that demands a warm, human touch, to where she whispers "look at me, love me, never forget me..."

And when appropriate for a project, we call her into our arms and bang her just right.