TUBBS Package Design

Merchandising snowshoes sucks. What else is as bulky and has as much potential to inflict damage on itself as well as potential customers? Imagine a whole wall of these things and you’ll begin to understand the dilemma. The product needs to be seen and the product needs to be felt and tried on, but damn, if those crampons aren’t sharp...! Tubbs Snowshoes requested that we tackle these issues and more in the development of a brand new packaging solution.

In order to keep customer blood off the carpet the shoes sit tread to tread, but are protected from one another by a center mounting board which is die-cut from durable yet completely recyclable chipboard. Color coded product info is featured on a side tab. With one shoe mounted securely to the board, the other is allowed to be removed by loosening the branded Velcro strap. The customer is then free to give the shoe a try and check out the details of the product, front and back. It’s then a cinch to strap the shoe to the back of the board, keeping the presentation looking clean and danger free.

Tubbs is an environmentally conscious company so in addition to the functional requirements it was important that the packaging components not end up in a landfill. The center board is easily recycled. The branded strap is kept by the customer and serves a second function by keeping the snowshoes together when not in use.