The Yard Trade Show Environment

A progressive exhibit space presented by SIA (the Snowsports Industries of America), Frank151, and designed and built by the Dept of Energy, the Yard brings together art and entertainment in a chill area packed into one cultural zone. With a return appearance at the 2008 SIA tradeshow in Las Vegas, this featured space has an all-new purpose—to emanate the lifestyle and branding synonymous with the snowsports industry.

Says Styk, DOE’s chief visual ops director, “It’s time for tradeshows to expand into other realms. They’re no longer just a business transaction—they’re reinventing themselves to include educational, interactive, and lifestyle solutions to the current market they reside in.”

The Yard served as the ultimate community zone throughout the 2008 tradeshow, hosting daily events and activities, as well as featuring renowned artist Stash and the music industry’s DJ Muggs (of Cypress Hill) and Team Facelift. A custom-designed ping-pong table by DOE set the stage for the Paddle Royale throwdown held each day of the show. Attendees also got their “game on” by chucking cowhide at pro athletes and others in the SIA-sponsored Dunk Tank—with all proceeds benefiting Boarding for Breast Cancer.