The Hair Corral Identity System

The Hair Corral is an urban boutique salon that exudes a lot of style with its retro kitsch and menagerie of furry chaos. Mothra will bark, Sailor will sit on your lap and Stanley Roper will purr for attention, all while you throw back a complimentary icy cold PBR as your locks get chopped and dyed. "Your Prettyologist", Lorraine, charms you with Joan Holloway poise as you are swept away to another time with a soundtrack of garage rock playing in the background and Lorraine's own personal vintage flair dazzlin' you before being delivered back to the present sportin' a new modern do.

This certainly is no chain parlor and unquestionably wrangles in a creative, hip bunch. Therefore, the identity had to buck conventional standards and exude a flair all of its own. The colors were chosen to reflect key colors of the salon interior and letterpress was chosen for the printing to express the personalized experience Lorraine brings to each of her clients. Beer koozies are a must to go with the complimentary beverages, and to accommodate the requests of her clientele, a rugged Next Appointment stamp was created to imprint a post-it note with the date & time of their next appointment.

The identity has been met with an amazing reception, and the success of her salon has been huge—there is a waiting list over a year long for new clients! Now, we say that is a herd of pretty heads worth building a new corral for.