Standard Films: Aesthetica

Opening Title Graphics

It’s not often that we get asked to help out on a film, so when we were asked a second time we were stoked. The first go around we got our feet wet and had some fun. But this time we were contacted by Standard Films to collaborate on the opening credits for Aesthetica, so it wasn’t exactly sloppy seconds. It's always awesome to share pipes with some industry vets like Mike and Waide.

They asked for help in producing three-dimensional logos to be featured at the beginning of the film. The logos needed to be built for various environments without taking on water, being blown over in the wind, or as is customary in snowboarding culture, being altered into a pipe. So yeah, ummm-errrrr, instead we focused on making them durable enough to use over & over in countless locations—without being modifiable by any old MacGyver.

With that said we called on a vendor of ours to CNC the logos out of good ol' particle board. Then with some careful laminating, some budget-conscious flat black vinyl and a couple coats of white lacquer from a professional friend of ours who paints street rods, "Viola!", we got to filming the logos to get ’er in the can.