Sirens Identity System

Designing an effective and on-point brand identity is hard work for any designer. Mix that with having to do it for a hair salon with an openly opinionated salon owner like Jessica, and well, just push the puree button and see what pesto you come up with.

Kidding aside, Jessica wanted a sophisticated look without the luxury high end feel that so many salons have but can’t deliver on when it comes to service. She stressed keeping the colors warm and inviting. Customer service and comfort is at the top of her list for business positioning and she wanted to make sure that it was visually communicated immediately. 

To further convey the welcoming nature of her salon, a direct visual influence was taken from the salons namesake of the Sirens' in Greek mythology. In much the same way good salon conversation draws repeat clientele, the Sirens were known for their ability to lure folks with their enchanting songs to join them in their lolling meadows of island beach grass. Therefore, it seemed appropriate to make a direct icon reference to represent the salon. Not only do the tufts of grass remind one of hair, but hairstylists have a reputation for their ability to provide their own grassy island of solitude in the form of a temporary psychologist couch, given their wondrous ability to listen. 

The next best thing to a psychologist is a hairdresser...and then a bartender.