Seattle Show Awards Book

This project is literally one-of-kind — it broke a lot of design conventions and proved that we can solve some gnarly problems. Its a pro-bono job that local design firms compete for each year because its a chance to show-off among your peers. The goal is to concept and design a 120-page book for Seattle’s advertising, design and interactive community.

Our concept was called “Blank Canvas.” In a nutshell, we wanted to give the audience, a bunch of creative professionals, something they could play with. No, we didn’t get erotic but we did have to get on our knees and beg a lot. The cover alone required a collaborative effort between an east Indian fabric shop, an image house, an uncooperative vinyl cutter, home depot, a bindery and a dozen art school volunteers. The outcome was 1500 canvas books — each one original and hand painted (an industry first). The book was also accompanied by a 13” x 24” 5 color silk screened sticker sheet, an old school 4 color click pen, a tube of paint and a pvc bag (pad printing was used on the paint tube and bag). The concept and execution was so well received that at the 2008 Seattle Show, an award will be given to the person who reinvents and resubmits the 2007 book using the goods we provided. Whew!