Quixote Venture Capitol Report

Quixote was a company name inspired by the travels and adventures of the sixteenth century Cervantes character, Don Quixote. Quixote pillows and pillowcases are built for the adventures of the modern day traveler, wether it's hiking for days, taking a weekend road trip, or simply traveling for business.

Quixote has made a great name for themselves with their high quality materials, US manufacturing and extreme comfort. But when it came time to expand the business into other travel-friendly products, they needed venture capitol to make that happen. Asking for a lot of money is a serious and daunting task. That's why Quixote approached us to present their report in a manner that would not only evoke the spirit of their company and namesake, but show that they were a solid company worthy of being invested in.

So we made it easier to convince deep pockets by creating a report that instantly conveyed both quality and substance—by throwing away the expected PowerPoint presentation! Instead we captured the history of Quixote and its quality by using all natural materials that reflected the fundamental philosophy of the manufactured product itself, and presented it in a manner that captured the adventure and spirit of the sixteenth century. And of course, made the report itself as memorable as a high seas adventure on a Schooner.