Nunn Bush Trade Show Environment


Dept of Energy was tasked with designing a 20' x 20' trade show booth for Nunn Bush. The goal of the project was to escort the Men's casual and dress shoe brand into the outdoor market by creating an environment in which to showcase their new line of all-terrain footwear. The strategy was to stay true to the masculine Nunn Bush brand esthetic while introducing materials that carry the identity of this more rugged product category. The modern shape of the booth is constructed of character-rich distressed wood and the footwear shelves are salvaged wood planks of various sizes and appearances and are supported by raw steel tubing. The masculine esthetic is carried further with the use of industrial seating and lighting components. The central cluster of shelves sits above a bed of natural tree bark, speaking to the outdoors, while the repurposed vintage steamer trunks speak to the heritage of the brand.