K2/PBR Co-Branded Sweater

It's not often that co-branding opportunities this close to your heart drop right into your lap. We got a call from our pals at one of the largest ski companies in the world wanting to team up on a promo giveaway with one of the most nostalgic icons in the beer industry. Snow sports AND Beer? Yes, please. At DoE we've always wanted a chance to bring back the old vintage beer sweaters of the 70's. We couldn't have asked for a better opportunity than to unite two of the most iconic brands in America in glorious 100% cotton. Hell, with brand colors matching America's own stars and stripes we knew for sure they wouldn't run! With some help from a good friend of ours we were able to get these sweater contest champs produced and sized right, but it was a limited edition. Sorry, it doesn't come in a tallboy but it'll sure keep you cozy the next time you crack one open on the slopes. Cheers!