K2 Backside Retail Fixture/Packaging

K2 came to us with their brand new Backside Tools collection and asked DOE to design the product line's retail presence from the ground up. We designed the packaging and retail display for a rescue shovel, backcountry skins, poles, probe, and backpack kit.

While considering the best way to display their tool collection on a retail wall it donned on us to play up the tool theme by pulling in the material that makes up the tool wall above any decent work bench, pegboard! Ah, pegboard, once the undisputed champion of retail product walls, now relegated to impulse grocery racks. Resurrected and glorified, we dressed it up with a textural graphic flood and custom attachments that held each tool in its place; indicated, of course, by an outline in true tool wall style.

The display needs were further satisfied by multi-functional K2 product hooks and shelves. The solution was spot-on for the brand, unique and cost effective. It was also touching to put pegboard back in the spotlight and give that perforated hardboard a second chance at greatness.