Helly Hansen came to us to help create a portable photo booth and backdrop for their #weloverain experiential marketing tour. The tour consisted of a United States and a Canadian team to travel across the countryside for 3 months.

They needed something very portable but ultimately sturdy to withstand being outdoors in wind or rain. We set out to design something very brand specific for them from the camera stand to the backdrop frame that could be setup inside or outside of stores that carry their brand.

Working with an existing 4x electrical panel that was used to house the iPad they used for the camera, it was customized to be able to be broken down and moved from one event to the next.

The backdrop frame was also modular and setup in 6 simple to put together pieces. They could easily change out the backdrop with different scenes printed on light duty scrim material that was waterproof. All powder coated with a heavy coat of H/H red.

Oh and did we mention that the display could actually rain… why wouldn’t it with a #weloverain theme.