Electro Delytes
Packaging & Brand Identity


Time to be upfront with you…we love this product. As in, our palms get a little sweaty with hearts racing, followed by long letters of adoration and mix tapes. Why? Because we're the Dept of ENERGY, smart guy, and these darn tasty ENERGY-packed citrus bars have saved us on many long runs, training sessions and overindulgent nights of heavy lifting at the pub. So getting to shape the personality of this not-to-be-missed brand is really a matter of giving back to a product that's done us right so many times in the past.

When it came to designing the packaging, we wanted something as bold and distinctive as the product itself. The green was chosen to imply the burst of lime flavor and boost of energy found within, as well as to help this outstanding product stand out on store shelves.

When looking for a quick source of energy studies show that people will reach for something that says ENERGY. Go figure, so we applied this scientifically acquired knowledge to the packaging and made the "swift kick of ENERGY" the focus of the product messaging. Health and training nuts will then look for the calorie and carb content—so we made this quick and easy to find by placing that information boldly on the front of the packaging. No need to turn the package all the way over, fold back that little flap and squint.

Electro Delytes were created by two (slightly wacky) sport scientists, so we felt this was an essential personality trait to incorporate into the brand's visual language. We blinded customers with sports science by placing the pivotal electrolyte, vitamin and mineral breakdown into a pie chart right on the front of the package. This tribute to chemistry class is a nod to the labs Electro Delytes was created in and breaks down the scientific details into an easy to understand format for the layman. Lastly, we wrapped the packaging up with a brand appropriate tagline: "Formulated by Mad Scientists to give you boosts of superb human energy."

The reaction to the packaging has been overwhelmingly positive and we just couldn't be prouder. Now what are you waiting for? Get yours here: electrodelytes.com and take your activities to the next level!