Ducati Bike Display

Created to help launch Ducati’s premier line of road bikes, the Ducati Bike Fixture needed to stand out in a crowd and be one that adhered to a design language that is unmistakably Ducati. The strategy for achieving this was to incorporate recognizable design elements from Ducati’s renowned line of motorcycles. Maybe you’ve heard of ‘em?

The design makes use of the signature trellis framework while incorporating the classic Ducati red. The form taken by the cantilevered design evokes motion and draws from the sleek Italian styling that Ducati is known for. The design also features exposed fasteners along with raw aluminum and steel that Ducati enthusiasts will find familiar.

The goal was to develop a fixture that was an extension of the product rather than just another bike stand. The challenge was to do this in a way that didn’t draw attention away from the featured bike but instead gave the product a more impactful presence. This low profile fixture elevates the bicycle while maintaining an unobstructed view of the product from all directions. The message to the consumer is that this bicycle is something to be noticed.  

The Ducati Bike Fixture first hit the floor at Interbike, an international bike trade show and the largest in North America. It later received a store fixture award from the National Association of Store Fixture Manufacturers and was also featured in Azure magazine, in an article examining the evolution of retail displays.

Azure Magazine Article