Decked Identity / Product Design / Website Design

Product Design

When the Decked product design project began the client had a company name and a product idea. Over the coming months that idea would take the form of a stealth fighter inspired truck bed storage system. This project spanned from concept brainstorming to final design, engineering-collaboration and hand-off. This start-up company is now selling their product across the country and just recently signed a deal to have this truck bed system installed in the LAPD’s entire fleet of pickup trucks.

Promo Brochure

To promote the product we developed a custom brochure with a pull-out info card. The brochure features the top view of a truck bed with the Decked system installed and an image of the drawers was printed on the pull-out card. Not only does the brochure communicate key product info with custom iconography, it serves as an interactive representation of how the product functions. Double duty!

Truck Wraps

If you're product is a truck bed storage system, you best have a killer looking pickup to show it off in. When the Decked crew shows up at a potential dealer to introduce the product, this truck creates the right impression even before they drop the tailgate. The custom designed truck wrap features a grill-to-gate logo-inspired tread pattern in matte black over gloss black paint. The end result screams "rugged" while maintaining a high-design feel.

Website Direction