Audiosocket Identity Package

Since Audiosocket didn’t have any history of their own, our job was to find out who and what they were all about. In addition to the obvious questions, we fired off tough ones like, “If Audiosocket were a car, what make and model would you be?” And, “Would you like another beer with that logo?”

The outcome was a bold and sexy logomark with hand-drawn type and colors that get into your face, along with a business card system where each individual has their card personalized with questions that they provide as being exclusive to them which they then fill in the answer upon handing out, such as "What I'm Listening To", "Sounds Like", and "She Said".

Recently, Audiosocket plugged into another avenue of the ever changing digital rush within the music scene with these low-res iPod sized album covers used in airport kiosks to entice travelers to download new music on the fly for their travels. Everyone’s tired of their own playlists, so grab some new tunes before heading out.